Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rant Rant Rant....My apologies in advance.

Christmas, I wish I could take my white out bottle and remove it from the calendar all together.  Maybe this lack of christmas spirit is due having absolutely no decorations up at our old house - and knowing that we close too late after the holiday for me to justify putting up a tree at the new house...I dont know.  I dont feel like shopping - for anyone but me.  So far I got a 55" plasma and a keurig K-cup holder for the counter...all for me, me, me.

They started bricking our unit in Maple Ridge - it looks fantastic. You wouldnt know because I took NO PHOTOS because I forgot my camera last Sunday.  Also, thanks to me, I have no photos from the pre drywall meeting - because I didnt charge the camera.  However, we did sneak in the house a week prior to the pre drywall and I got some good pics of the plumbing etc.  I would share them but, you guessed it, I didnt upload anything from the memory disc yet.  Nice.

And another thing - selling a house is a super duper pain in the ass.  I mean like, im a nervous wreck.  I hate waiting for replies, phone calls, appointments and all of that, because I am SO IMPATIENT.  And selling a house is basically all of that...So we got an offer, took it (it was the first offer) and got the inspection done and now we have a 'punchlist' to complete...and a roof to repair....and a fruit cellar to clean out. 

But at least we will make a profit.
I guess in the long run all of it will be worth it.

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  1. I so agree with the being impatient part and just wanting Christmas to be over. We have been so focused on the house that Christmas has lost its sparkle. We have our walkthrough on the 27th and settle on the 30th. We will be so busy packing that we didn't want to have to be packing Christmas stuff too. We did put up a tree with about 1/2 our ornaments and we put up the stockings, but that's it. I want to put stuff up at the new house, but it won't be ours yet. I had planed to at least put red bows on all the outside light fixtures - but never did find any. Oh well. Next year we will go all out.