Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And...Merry Christmas to you shawn...I hope you liked your present!

A perfect piece for his first Man Cave!


  1. Nice! John and I just took a look at dining room and bedroom sets at Levin furniture in Wexford today. Where did you order that awesome bar set?

  2. Colleen, we got the bar set at Pool City in Washington PA - they carry alot of game tables, pool tables and home theater equipment too. It also came with a stand that you place on the wall behind the bar, it has locking cabinets and some shelving for glasses etc. We got our living room and bedroom furniture at Levins, Im still contemplating the couch we got...it is so huge, about 10'10"x12'0 it takes literally the entire living room upstairs...I love shopping for furniture - but everything is so oversized and expensive today :(