Monday, December 5, 2011

Progress Update 12/5/2011

Not to shabby eh?  We now have a concerete floor in the garage, all of the rough plumbing has been completed and as of today they are starting the HVAC work.

They placed the basement egress window well and have backfilled the rear yard so now its almost level to the house...They are very close to completing the shingle roof - so siding is the next step...very excited!

So the reason for this most recent visit was to check on the wall situation in the basement.  We opted to tear out the wall in the basement that separates the living space from a storage room - so we can have a larger gameroom.  Here is a photo from our visit at Thanksgiving, showing the wall that isnt supposed to be there.

And thankfully this wall is no more.

Very happy about the big game room upstairs they have the kitchen island all framed in.
They also have all of the windows/exterior doors installed.  We opted for the 15 lite patio door and nixed the fireplace for a wall of windows...this is how its coming together.

Love the view of the woods.  So happy that no one will build right behind us.

As for the upstairs, our bathtub has been framed in (master bedroom) The window above the tub is alot different from that in the model home we saw...which is kind of disappointing, but it still looks great.

Loft Area

While Ryan is busy building our new house, we're busy fixing up our current house.
Added the porch railing - I love it....adds so much curb appeal.  Now I have to paint the steps. 
The house is being listed THIS WEEK!  Which means I spent all weekend cleaning, organizing, painting, etc.
Were hoping it sells fast!  We were qualified to purchase the new home and keep the mortgage on this home as well - so either way were good to go, but it would be ALOT easier if our current house was sold prior to  closing on the new one.  Were keeping our fingers crossed for now....Happy Building Everyone!

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  1. Everything looks great. Without the storage area your basement is going to be huge! Good luck with your house listing!