Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Update 12/30/11 (Long Overdue)

So, drove up to the house yesterday to find it locked!  Boooo!  I suppose they have mudd-ed the drywall and they have the heat cranked up so they dont want any intruders...There was a crew working on the end (opposite side as ours) I should have asked them to let me into my unit but I was being lazy, and I had the dog with I scrapped that idea pretty quick.

However, I was very happy to see that we have a driveway!
I know that its only primer, but the door is so ugly.  The finished color will be "wine" (burgundy) and much less pinkish red...thank goodness.  They have all of the brick done except some edging around our door ... and our number was put in yesterday too.

All in all its coming along pretty nicely.  There are a few items they still need to repair inside - which we talked to our rep about.  I also got a call from Rusmur last week telling me that they were scheduled to do some tile work on the 30th (today) apparently I had them all confused since I purchsed some marble shelves and some other extras (out of pocket) for the Ryan crew to install.  So now they dont know to call me or to call Ryan when they are scheduling work - I secretly love this because I always know ahead of time when they are planning on coming...

Hopefully we can stop by this weekend and see the inside - I know most of the crews are off so I may have to bring something to pick the lock with - yes - I would go that far.  My next post will probably be from the county jail.

At our current house the carpeting that we had been waiting for has FINALLY been installed.

From what I understand our buyer has received final loan approval and now were all just waiting for the closing date! We have a few other items to fix/repair by January 19th - and then we'll be homeless for a week - im aiming for less than a week but its all depending on Ryan...I never thought Id be 30 moving back in with my parents. ugh.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. good luck. One week won't be too bad. We will end up at about 5 weeks in a friends unfinished basement. I miss my own space!

  2. John and I have a follow-up question. Our facade is going to be very similar to yours regarding garage on right, door on left and the 4 windows in the front. We were having a debate for the past hour about the placement of the windows, the floor plan, etc. In what room is that curved window? We are going to have one exactly like that and according to the floor plan it would be in one of the guest bedrooms. Is that the case in your house? It just doesn't make sense to me!