Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ask for what you want!!!!!

So in the pre-drywall I literally grilled our PM for a reason why Ryan Homes doesn't give you shelves in your tiled shower. 

And he said, why do you want shelves?
And I said, YES.
And he said, then just ask.
And I said, Can I please have shelves, two of them , preferably 10" each.
And he said, it will cost you $145.00
And I said, I will get my check book.

So I took a trip the next night to Rusmur Floors and ordered two marble shelves - which Ryan (well rusmur) is going to install.  Best part is, we didnt have to do the change order process, Rusmur let me pay them directly. 

The really great thing is, no shower caddy - thank. you. Lord.
Plus the shelves are beautiful...way more beautiful than something hanging off of the glass shower door or off of the shower head...definitely (in my opinion) worth the money.

Besides, how many shower caddies would you buy in a year, I would probably get at least 3 - because I cannot seem to find  one that doesnt rust, or look like crap, or doesnt break within the first 3 months I own it.


  1. I agree. My PM and I have an agreement. No assumptions will be made. If you have a question or request, just ask.

  2. The model had a nice shelf but the tile company said they would only put in a white soap dish, so we opted for nothing. We do have a seat in the shower and I will have to get a caddy. I can't remember where we got our current one. It is white plastic covered wire and it has lasted 6+ years. I am hoping to find a brushed nickel one that will last as well.