Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 days until closing!

Very exciting.  Our neighbors on the end are closing today - the neighbor on our other side is closing the 10th.  Stopped last night and found the door unlocked between the house and the garage...so I snapped some quick photos of the appliances and carpeting.

I dont know how I missed em, but I didnt get any phots of the basement or bedrooms.
They are busy touching up drywall in alot of areas - and doing some trim work around the doors, baseboards, etc.  Other than that this Rosecliff is pretty much ready for its new owners!

Monday, January 30, 2012

4 Days Until Closing!

We close on Friday, Feb 3rd at 1 pm.  4 days remain.  Until then I am stuck living with the following two characters.

#1 My Grandmother.
This is a great action shot of her, trying to drink a frosty from Wendys. 

#2  Herman

I cannot wait until I have the King size bed back.  Sharing a full size blow up mattress with a labrador sucks.  There is just not enough room, and he insists on sleeping with the electric blanket on - when I turn it off he lays across my mid section until he sees me reach for the blanket control - then he snuggles back into my pillow. 

Remember the couch we had on hold at Levins, the sectional with the chaise that was pictured in a previous post, well I cancelled it.  Then we found another one, and i cancelled it.  So this is selection #3 - and I really love it...so plan to keep it - even though shawn is running an over under bet to see how long it takes me cancel the third couch. 

Its a light tan, and the pillows are a darker almost light chocolate brown...we got these colors reversed, so the couch is chocolate and pillows light tan.  (thats shawn on the couch by the way, he was very helpful during the shopping process...he sat on this couch the entire time while I walked around the store and when i came back to him he was all, we should get this couch, then i looked at it, measured it -  and agreed).  It is so comfortable.  You sink right into it and its very easy to cuddle on - with the dog not with shawn, he doesnt cuddle. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Master Bath

Love the tile we chose for the master bathroom.  Its almost complete they need to add the rest of the tile around the bath tub and then grout.  The non-standard shelving turned out really great as well.

Photo Update 1/16/12

Made a visit to the house on Saturday afternoon  - Was pleasantly surprised to find that we had tile installed!
We choose a few non-standard flooring items, such as extending the tile all the way past the staircase instead of ending it at the power room (see above photo).   We also opted to install a tile entry at the back door, for the dog mostly...I need a chance to wipe off feet before he runs onto the new carpet! (see below photo)
This area was grouted when we visited yesterday...yes we went twice in the same weekend, there are so many changes right now we go at least 5 times a week to check progress.  For example all of our lights are in - and they were not in last Thursday.
Unfortunately they installed the dining room light - they had promised to keep this light in the box for us so we could sell it - or burn it - I absolutely hate that candelabra thing. 

View of entry from Loft
Crown molding on cabinets
You can really see the color of the tile better with the natural light.

On a side note...my little house is getting pretty empty :(  We close on the 20th (this Friday) and Im moving in with grandma for about two weeks...shawn is moving into his parents house...Hopefully I can get some shopping done during those two weeks, bath rugs, decor, bedroom lamps, etc. 
We moved most of the items this weekend, Shawn is out of town for tonight, but he is taking Wednesday off work so the rest of the packing (big items) will be finished.  Then Wednesday night, me and the dog are camping at Grandmas!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When you close on a new house your employer should automatically give you a week off...paid.  Am I right?  I am going to attempt to take a few days off, but having to go back to work right after the closing is going to suck.  Especially because shawn took the day off :(

Our rep contacted us today, she did a walkthru of the house to check progress and she is delighted at the countertops - as am I - I actually cannot wait to sneak a peak this weekend and get some photos.  We also added (non stanard) a "recycling center" at the left of the island under the sink...so we can hide the garbage can someplace...timberlake cabinets forgot all about it so they have it on order.  We also have those shelves going in the master bath shower and thankfully she saw them upstairs on the floor with the rest of the tile they are going to lay next week so at least Rusmur Flooring is on top of their game.

We've been packing, and packing and cleaning and sweeping and packing - were going to move out of our old house this weekend since shawn is traveling for work monday and tuesday of next week.  What a major pain in the ass moving is...Im not sure what I thought, like a magical wand would appear and I could just point and have it all boxed up and labeled and in the trailers....poof!  It is dreadful...as all of you know.  But definitely worth the hassel.  Im so excited to not have to cut grass this summer when i come home from a 10 hour work day in 90 degree heat.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cabinets are in...

Im not sure why Ryan Homes installs the cabinets / countertops prior to painting?  It really doent make any sense, I guess their subcontractors dont have the best communication.  Anyway, they covered all of the finished products in plastic and tape (lots of it) prior to painting...so nothing was damaged as far as I could tell.  I hard a hard time sneaking under the plastic to take a peek at the countertop...I actually love it.  I cant wait to see the whole thing once they are done painting...laminate has come a long way.

The cabinets etc were much darker than I thought they were...I love them.  Im so glad we didnt invest in a dining room suite yet, because we were looking at much lighter wood and nothing would have matched.

They still have to stain the banisters ( again, I would think they would do this before installing them, but I guess I am wrong ).    We picked Scandia Teak - I think it was the closest match to the cabinets.

were missing the applicances, i cannot wait til they come so i can check em out.

Sink, dishwasher (which isnt in yet)


main entry into living room

Try ceiling with finished molding

Master Bathroom

entry to basement

this isnt the best photo of the day...but you can see the siding is complete.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drywall Photos

Finally, I uploaded some photos from our most recent visit.  They have the drywall up and mudd-ed.  They are ready to paint primer on the walls as of this morning - however, they are missing 3 outlets that we had added so Im hoping that is the first item on the to-do list.

Living Room / Dining Room

Living Room

Kitchen / Living room

Looking in from the stairs to the living room




Master Tray Ceiling

Spare Bedroom

Looking into entryway from loft.

Standing in garage looking into kitchen


Garage, loaded with cabinets, vanities, hardware and our mail box!

From our trip to Lowes - like I could pass these up, look how cute they are!