Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo Update 1/16/12

Made a visit to the house on Saturday afternoon  - Was pleasantly surprised to find that we had tile installed!
We choose a few non-standard flooring items, such as extending the tile all the way past the staircase instead of ending it at the power room (see above photo).   We also opted to install a tile entry at the back door, for the dog mostly...I need a chance to wipe off feet before he runs onto the new carpet! (see below photo)
This area was grouted when we visited yesterday...yes we went twice in the same weekend, there are so many changes right now we go at least 5 times a week to check progress.  For example all of our lights are in - and they were not in last Thursday.
Unfortunately they installed the dining room light - they had promised to keep this light in the box for us so we could sell it - or burn it - I absolutely hate that candelabra thing. 

View of entry from Loft
Crown molding on cabinets
You can really see the color of the tile better with the natural light.

On a side little house is getting pretty empty :(  We close on the 20th (this Friday) and Im moving in with grandma for about two weeks...shawn is moving into his parents house...Hopefully I can get some shopping done during those two weeks, bath rugs, decor, bedroom lamps, etc. 
We moved most of the items this weekend, Shawn is out of town for tonight, but he is taking Wednesday off work so the rest of the packing (big items) will be finished.  Then Wednesday night, me and the dog are camping at Grandmas!

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