Monday, January 30, 2012

4 Days Until Closing!

We close on Friday, Feb 3rd at 1 pm.  4 days remain.  Until then I am stuck living with the following two characters.

#1 My Grandmother.
This is a great action shot of her, trying to drink a frosty from Wendys. 

#2  Herman

I cannot wait until I have the King size bed back.  Sharing a full size blow up mattress with a labrador sucks.  There is just not enough room, and he insists on sleeping with the electric blanket on - when I turn it off he lays across my mid section until he sees me reach for the blanket control - then he snuggles back into my pillow. 

Remember the couch we had on hold at Levins, the sectional with the chaise that was pictured in a previous post, well I cancelled it.  Then we found another one, and i cancelled it.  So this is selection #3 - and I really love plan to keep it - even though shawn is running an over under bet to see how long it takes me cancel the third couch. 

Its a light tan, and the pillows are a darker almost light chocolate brown...we got these colors reversed, so the couch is chocolate and pillows light tan.  (thats shawn on the couch by the way, he was very helpful during the shopping process...he sat on this couch the entire time while I walked around the store and when i came back to him he was all, we should get this couch, then i looked at it, measured it -  and agreed).  It is so comfortable.  You sink right into it and its very easy to cuddle on - with the dog not with shawn, he doesnt cuddle. 

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  1. Sectional couches are really great. We've got one just over a year old that's perfect for our Rosecliff living room!