Monday, January 9, 2012

Cabinets are in...

Im not sure why Ryan Homes installs the cabinets / countertops prior to painting?  It really doent make any sense, I guess their subcontractors dont have the best communication.  Anyway, they covered all of the finished products in plastic and tape (lots of it) prior to nothing was damaged as far as I could tell.  I hard a hard time sneaking under the plastic to take a peek at the countertop...I actually love it.  I cant wait to see the whole thing once they are done painting...laminate has come a long way.

The cabinets etc were much darker than I thought they were...I love them.  Im so glad we didnt invest in a dining room suite yet, because we were looking at much lighter wood and nothing would have matched.

They still have to stain the banisters ( again, I would think they would do this before installing them, but I guess I am wrong ).    We picked Scandia Teak - I think it was the closest match to the cabinets.

were missing the applicances, i cannot wait til they come so i can check em out.

Sink, dishwasher (which isnt in yet)


main entry into living room

Try ceiling with finished molding

Master Bathroom

entry to basement

this isnt the best photo of the day...but you can see the siding is complete.


  1. Yay it looks so great! Can't wait until we are that far along in the process!

  2. When is your projected close date? I love your cabinets, even under a bunch of plastic! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Our close date is 1/31 - and I haven't been inside in the daylight in over a week, so I'm wondering when my cabinets will be up! We got the maple cognac cabinets too - I am so excited. I've only had 1980's orangish-oak cabinets before, so this is a big upgrade for me!

  3. Your cabinets are going to look great! A close friend just settled on her house and she got the Maple Cognac cabinets and they look absolutely gorgeous! You were wondering why they install the cabinets before painting...I was wondering the same thing, as well as why they install the cabinets before the flooring????

  4. Your house will be painted, repainted, then touched up, and maybe one more touch up after that. No way to do all that BEFORE the cabinets go in. That's what happened in our house anyway.

    @Christina - different area, different ways it goes in. In my area, the flooring goes in BEFORE cabinets and trim resulting in NO quarter round trim around the flooring edge.