Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving the Closing Date & Selling our Old House :(

I'm pretty emotionally attached to our current house.  We pretty much remodeled the whole place and maybe thats why I feel such an attachment.  That, and my parents are attached, since it was a huge project for them as well.  So when Shawn brought up the idea of renting our old house I was all about it.  Cause then I get to keep it...forever and ever.  But after some logical thinking we decided that having a rental property is probably not something were ready to take on...especially when Shawn works out of town a lot. 

Thus, we are meeting with a realtor on Monday to discuss a sales price and possibly list our house!
In the meantime, someone is looking at my grandmother's house - so lets just keep our fingers cross that someone buys her home and she can buy ours!!!

That being said, Ive been dealing with the mortgage company about qualifying without the rental income if our current home isnt sold by the closing date on our new house, plus trying to decide who were getting home-owners insurance through (were going to bundle cars and home so were trying to get a really good deal) on top of all of that the Holidays are coming up.  Which means were busy anyway....THEN to top it all off - shawn may be getting an offer from his company to relocate 4 HOURS EAST of pittsburgh...which means were screwed out of a deposit on the Rosecliff and were moving.  We wont know whats going on until Mid / End of the waiting game.  Its so much fun. 

Literally I am living off of "comfort-time tea" from try to calm myself down.

I just called our Rep to see when they were planning on framing - she said they had hoped that framing would be done by this week - but instead they are just starting the first framing crew on Monday.  Which means that our closing date is being pushed to January sometime.

Which, considering all of the above, its better for us in the long run....and I may be able to get my christmas tree up in our old house just one more time before 1. moving into a new home or 2. moving 4 hours east.

Happy Building Everyone & try the tea, it is wonderful!


  1. Good luck with everything - it sounds like you have a lot on your plate!

  2. You have a lot of things going on. This must be a very exciting chapter of your life! It is interesting that you almost planned to let your old house be rented. That isn’t a bad idea at all. That way, you can still have a connection to your old home and extra income for your family. But since you’re moving somewhere further, it would be difficult to ensure that your tenant would pay on time and if the house would be taken care of. Selling it is also profitable. In addition, maintaining multiple properties can be costly, so it’s better to let go of those which you can’t benefit from fully.

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