Tuesday, November 15, 2011

....changing our selections...again.

So, last night we went to lowes - we needed to get a bundle of shingles to repair the roof on our current house before we sell.  Anyways, we walk through the kitchen displays and I see about 25 different corian countertops and at least 25 quartz and granite options.  This gets me thinking.

Were paying alot to upgrade to Granite countertops in the Rosecliff.  And we were only able to pick from about 6 choices...which sucks.  I literally found about 4 different options that I loved in lowes that were not even known to me during the ryan homes selection process.  So after some in depth discussion, Shawn and I have decided to just downgrade to the countertops (laminate) that are included with the price of the home - then next year do a custom kitchen.  Backsplash / countertops ... maybe some tile art between the stove and the microwave...plus we can then lower the island at that time - and make a bigger countertop in that area and make it all one level instead of having a raised bar.  The money we are saving by not taking the granite upgrade we will set aside to start the custom kitchen. 

Ryan has some nice selections, but my lord the options are endless when you get out and look around...so I think were making the right choice, and I also think that we will get the money back out of the new kitchen we put in...since it will be unlike any other kitchen in that townhouse development.

Did anyone else out there do something along these lines?
If so, are you happy with how things turned out?


  1. If you are planning to add granite at a later date, but still use the same kitchen cabinets, bear in mind that downgrading to laminate may also remove the extra strengthening sometimes required to support the heavy granite.

  2. It makes sense to just go with the included laminate if you are not 100% in love with the granite that Ryan offers. We are going with the upgraded laminate (has a full ogee edge)instead of granite because of the limited selection. We will probably upgrade the counters when the kids are older. I agree with SCJ though, that the extra supports will then need to be added to bear the weight of the granite. That being said, when we replaced our dishwasher in our current home, the installer commented that our builder actually used supports that would hold granite even though we have laminate. I wouldn't pay extra for a granite that you don't love.

  3. I'm with Rachel. We did the updated laminate with the Ojee edge. I would love to have the fancy counters out of the gate, but there appears to be many options and huge savings. I installed the updated laminate in my current home with the bull nose edge and it has been great.

  4. Thanks for your advice guys, I feel like Im on the right path here. Its nice to hear the reassurance!

  5. I agree with everyone....as long as you have the cash to do it later. I was in the same boat (lovin a different granite than why Ryan offered) and took my granite off at the last minute thinking it would just save us the money come closing, but we ended up oweing almost the same at closing and they just adjusted the actual loan amount. So the money I thought I'd have to change them...we don't have and won't have for a long time (it's amazing how many thing you need once you move in). So as long as you can save the money I totally agree with getting what you want. I've managed restaurants all my life so my kitchen is important to me. I HATE my counters and cringe every time I enter my kitchen. Hopefully we can change them sooner than later or I'll go mad! Thank goodness for beautiful cabinets! Oh and I recommend getting cabinet crown molding! Stunning!

  6. Noob, the crown molding was our first Change Order..hahah! We were really if-y on it and then we saw a model that had it - and you are right, wow what a difference! I figure it will take us at least 2 years or longer to get the kitchen we really want, it will be worth the wait I think!