Monday, November 14, 2011

Friendly Gossip is Highly Recommended

The framing is well underway!  We visited the site this Sunday - with my parents - and took a few photos.  We actually walked all thru the house and all thru our neighbor's houses as well.  A few of them got the fireplaces - but heres what really gets me, one of them got a SLIDING GLASS DOOR out the back in lieu of the regular man door.  This wasnt even an option for us - and it would have been nice because our back yard will be relatively level to the door...we expect to have one or two steps.  Now, the unit with the sliding glass didnt have the small 2' wall that is there if you get the room extension - so it may not be an option with the 2' extension...

Anyways, after nebbing a bit we were walking out and met another neighbor in the unit across the street, her name is Lucy and she is wonderful.  We got to talking about options and she was saying that her neighbor didnt get a pantry in the kitchen, instead she opted for additional counter space and a top and bottom cabinet - another person living in her row actually lowered their kitchen island to all one level.  I had wanted to do this pretty badly and they told me it was not an option because of the electrical for the garabage disposal - very disappointing!  I love to cook, so having the island all the same height would help when Im rolling out dough or making cookies...she also said her neighbor paid a boat load to get this customized into a level island - now take us for example, we got a 2 foot extension on the garage, so shawns truck would fit.  No one else even heard of that option (because we created it). 

Lucy also said that she hired an outside company to come in and install her garage door opener, saving her $250 instead of allowing Ryan to do it.  She also recommended on getting a laundry tub in the garage, this is an extra, costing $400 - however they supply the tub and do all of the plumbing - which is not a bad price.  I didnt get the laundry tub but the more I think about it the more I want to change my mind, I mean where can you fill a bucket to was the floor or where can you wash your greased up dirty hands? In my new kitchen sink...I think not.

Basically what im trying to say is anything is possible - just ask and be persistant!  Dont just choose from the option list, open your mind.  If you want to change the floor plan a little bit or add a cabinet or a sink, odds are Ryan Homes will accommodate it.  DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK all they can do is say no. 

That being said, here are a few photos of the progress on our Rosecliff...

This is the front of our house, my mom is in the corner trying to pick up her dog.

Standing in the dining room looking into the kitchen, that mandoor will lead to the garage.

the infamous stair case.

My dad insisted on going upstairs, even though I dont think the staircase was completely tied in.

We opted for two sets of windows (no fireplace) and the 15-lite patio door.


This is a shot of the back of the house - Im so glad we have a level lot.

This is a view from our upstairs -

And...another shot of the front.  you can see our neighbor's second floor framing...this house isnt sold yet - any takers?  we are awesome neighbors to have!


  1. I looove the Rosecliff! I am enjoying your process. If the Rosecliff was available in my area, I would have definitely chosen it! Anyway, yes! Get the laundry tub--you are going to need it. When we initially made our selections, we thought that we didn't need it, but we quickly changed our minds. We had to do a change order, so request one ASAP!

  2. Love those stairs! I second the laundry tub. I'm considering asking to have one installed in the garage even though I will have one in my laundry room.

  3. I totally agree with everything you've said. Don't be afraid to ask for anything! I wish I knew that earlier on during the selection process. I would have been more persistent on things I asked for but just accepted the "no"s.

  4. Yep, it all depends on who you ask. I shared a blog with my sales rep, who shared it with the PM, who called the factory to get the information, and got back with the sales rep. They then contacted the pricing guy with the information and he came up with a price instead of a no.

  5. I just cant stand how they always say NO. I mean, anything is possible, we didnt budge on the extension we wanted on our garage - to the point where we were going to walk and then BOOM we got it. Its just frustrating that you have to threaten to walk to get any cooperation. Stick to your guns all you Ryan home builders!