Monday, October 17, 2011

Progress Update 10/17

So visited the site this weekend.  Pleased to see that the blocking has begun...and suprised that most of the building materials have also arrived! 

Is is ok to leave everything out in the rain?  I mean I know bathtubs are supposed to get wet, but im still worried.  Also, i found the perfect sign for our lantern post....$5.99 how could I NOT buy it.

I also managed to take a photo of the "newly completed" rosecliff's.  These homes will be right below us on the same side of the street.  Our elevation is the middle one.  Ours will have black shutters, a "wine" colored door (burgundy) darker beige siding and the brick has offwhite black and a reddish color mixed very technical in my descriptions.

Any last but not least, here is Herman.  My post wouldnt be complete without him.


  1. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Rosecliff; I think they are huge for townhomes!

  2. I remember my Aunt moving into her townhome about 20 years, it was like a tin was so small and so confined everything was long and narrow and I thought, i will NEVER live in a townhouse! Boy was I wrong! The new townhomes offered by Ryan do not feel like townhomes at all. The high ceilings and open floor plans add so much space. I sound like a sales rep. but its so true.

  3. Our Rosecliff will also have black shutters and a burgundy door, Not exactly sure about the brick around the garage, we were told our brick color was called Bianco or something like that. Looks great! You are giving me my Rosecliff "fix" before we break ground on ours.

  4. It's not too bad to have the material sit out in the rain for a little while. They work very hard to get you under roof as quick as possible will surprised...blink or skip a couple days and the framing will be done.