Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ground Breaking - FINALLY

So, our pre-construction meeting went some new about Cool Valley, the new Southpointe-like mixed use 900 acre establishment which will be behind our plan.  We also were able to walk thru one of the almost-completed rosecliffs right beside ours.  The backyard was huge.  We live in a single family home now in a residential neighborhood and the backyard was bigger than what we currently have fenced in for Herman...very happy...and it is all level and it backs right to the woods - so no houses behind us as Ryan only ownes about 50' into the woods and there is a 25'-0 right-of-way between Ryans property and Cool Valley.  I love waking up and looking into the tree line.  Thank God.  Anyways, we also got invisible fencing approved through the HOA so Herman will be leash free in the spring!

At the pre-construction meeting (9/30/11) they were expecting to break ground 9/7/11 that was pushed to 9/14 then pushed to 9/21 FINALLY they broke ground on 9/26.  They have our closing date set right before Christmas (merry christmas to us!) they have said that we will definitely still make the closing date, but man, that only leaves 3 months. 

As of 10-6 the foundation was dug out and the footer was being of 10/12 the footer was completed and they are starting to block the foundation!

More pictures to come soon!!!! 


  1. We are building a Rosecliff in the Cobblestone development in Pittsburgh, where are you building? Love your selections for carpet, etc. Great to follow someone else with the same floorplan. Can't wait to see pictures as your house progresses.

  2. Thanks guys! Im anxious to see your selections! We're building in Maple Ridge, its right by Southpointe in Canonsburg PA. I think you guys are on the opposite site of the city right? Anyways, I will definitely be posting pics along the way - were in a strip of 6 houses and we actually picked the same elevation as you - AND our house is also the opposite design as the one you saw in Jersey. So were on the same path! Very exciting!

  3. You will be surprised how fast things move. And don't be surprised when you find them working late into the evening and weekends as well.