Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's make this house OUR home!

So, here is a recap of the options and upgrades we have chosen:
  • 2'-0 house extension (on first floor and basement)
  • 2'-0 garage extension (this was not a standard option  - but the truck needed a home too)
  • Upgraded to granite countertops in the kitchen
  • Upgraded the applicance package (the largest refrigerator that GE makes)
  • Opted for the railing in lieu of the half wall in the loft
  • Finished the basement, without the study - now we have one large room...also added a powder-room
  • Added recessed lighting in the kitchen, master bedroom, and two each in the spare bedrooms.
  • Upgraded master bath
  • Upgraded the cabinets in all of the bathrooms to match the kitchen
  • Surround sound system in basement with subwoofer
  • Speakers in the main living area (in the ceiling)
  • We opted for two double windows in leiu of the fireplace
  • We added a gas hookup for the dryer in lieu of the electric hookup
I think thats it for structural / plan changes ... now onto the best part - the finishes!

TILE - located in the entranceway, dining room, kitchen and first floor powder-room.
We really debated on tile in the dining area vs carpet...but we finally decided on tile.  We have a dog, a choclate labrador (Herman) and we will be using the patio door to let him in and out, and i just cannot have carpet by that door, we actually added a 3x3 tile entry at the patio door and ran the tile right into the dining/kitchen area.  The other side will be carpet...we also have this tile in the main entry and we  opted to run it past the railing of the steps (the steps will be carpet) because hey, you can always use a bigger entranceway and besides that if we want to change the carpet in the living area we wont affect the stairs or have to worry about matching carpet colors.

That being said, here is our carpet choice for upstairs and the living room on the first floor.

Dark eh?  Well, with the dog I dont think it will show hair, dirt, etc.  Not that I dont clean, but it will look good in the inbetween cleaning moments we all have.

KITCHEN!  Ok, cabinets...maple cognac and granite, black is a pick of it all together.  I am pleased....the applicances are all stainless so it should all fit together well.

Now to the upstairs, were using the same carpet choice - but new tile here is the master bath (cabinet and tile) we also have a stacked tile border, but i cannot find a photo of it.
Now, shawn made a big deal about choosing different tile, do they not look the same, thank you.  Anyway, the tile in the spare bath will also be in the laundry room.  We opted for tile in the basement bathroom too, Canelletta stone, it has a green hue to it...really nice.  I will work on finding a photo of the meantime here is the carpet selection in the basement, its a bit darker and i dont know if the picture shows it but it has different colors in it where the other carpet choice is solid.
Both the carpet choices are that semi-shag style...and we upgraded the padding throughout.

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  1. Welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. We look forward to following your progress. As you have probably noticed, we all love to share ideas and thoughts. Don't be afraid to ask "silly" questions...there is no such thing on here. We have all learned a ton and reading these blogs has helped us avoid problems along the way.

    Your selections look fantastic and the tile by the door the dog will go in and out of is a fantastic idea...we did the same with the flooring in our sunroom where the dogs go in and out.