Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trucks and Broken Bones

So, last night I was walking the dog...and fell into a manhole.  Im not joking.  Like literally the entire left leg fell into a manhole...the hole was covered, but the cover was plastic (i thought it was metal) and im not certain why i thought it was ok to step onto it, but i did, and i fell.  Stupid Stupid Stupid.

So now, I have to go get an Xray - because my foot is swollen, bruised and unable to bear any weight.

On a happier note, we got a 2'0 garage extension on the Rosecliff so Shawns truck could fit inside.  I have been worried ever since that it still wouldnt fit.  Looks like my worrying days are over!

Now, im off to see if I need to be in a cast / boot for the next six weeks - wish me luck!
Will post moving in photos soon!


  1. Boo to the hurt foot, but yay for the truck fitting. Hope it's not too badly hurt! Looking forward to seeing your move in photos. Since you're probably not feeling up to moving around much, this is the perfect time to post some :)

  2. I bet seeing that truck in the garage is a thing of beauty for you. I know seeing our cars in the garage will be.

    Maybe the universe decided you needed to sit a spell. I hope your foot heals well.